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Area Director
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Zac provides leadership to all of Central Jacksonville and team leads the Stanton, Paxon, Wolfson Young Life Club.

Erica Zeilman

Staff Associate
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Erica provides leadership to the Private School Clubs in Central Jacksonville, team leads at the Bolles/Episcopal Young Life Club and leads on the Private Schools WyldLife team as well.

Jazmyne Buchanan

DFL Intern
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Jazmyne is going through a two year staff training program while she pursues her degree at UNF. She is team leading the Landon WyldLife Club.

Jess Moore

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Jess is going through our 9-month Gap Year Program and serves as the team leader for the Private Schools WyldLife Club. She also leads on the Stanton, Paxon, Wolfson Young Life Team.

Leslie Glenn

Area Admin
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Leslie holds us all together and ensures we have the capacity to serve well in our specific areas of leadership.


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