WyldLife Clubs

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Butler Middle School
Thursdays @ 5pm
Butler School Cafeteria

Team Leader - Sam Coleman (904) 613-2745

Private Schools WyldLife
Bolles, Episcopal, St. Mark's, RPDS & anyone else

​Twice per month usually on Saturday evenings

Team Leader - Garrett Ruckel (904) 314-3008

Parent Contact - David Bast - Please email davidbast@me.com to be added to the Parent Email List
Ja​mes Weldon Johnson WyldLife
Fridays @ 3:30pm
JWJ Cafeteria

Parent pick-up @ 4:45 in parking lot.

Team Leader - Erin Horne (757) 708-8959
​​WyldLife at the Beach (Fletcher & Mayport Middle)
Thursdays @ 4:30pm

Beaches Vinyard Church
751 Atlantic Blvd (Atlantic Theater)

Team Leader - Christina Bell (904) 446-5338

Young Life Central Jacksonville | PO Box 2173 Jacksonville, FL 32203-2173

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